Craft empathetic thought leadership content to cut through the noise

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April 30, 2020, 8:44 AM GMT+0

Brands should ensure that such content addresses the questions their consumers care about.

This article suggests tips brands can implement while crafting thought leadership content to stand out from the digital noise amid COVID-19.  Writing empathetic content with the right tone such as addressing current challenges can help marketers effectively connect with customers.

Working with influencers, industry analysts, research consultancies can help marketers back their thought leadership content with credible sources or brands. Create animated, dynamic, and entertaining content to effectively explain complex concepts, while improving engagement.

Developing a thought leadership content strategy with the stakeholders and identifying crucial messaging is recommended for unifying themes or messaging. Leverage existing data to tell consistent, new stories. Intellectual property content assets help brands customise content for multiple regions while sharing appropriate data and messaging with prospects.

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