Evaluating demographic data using web analytics can help increase conversions

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May 04, 2020, 6:20 PM GMT+0

Looking at the right metrics and interpreting them correctly is the major challenge for effective analytics.

Doing deep data dives that variously focus on age, gender, interests of the visitors can provide insights into conversion rates of different demographics and point out required improvements. Marketers should use their analytical data to develop their messages to cater to specific demographics that frequent specific pages.

Data should also be analysed for page views, time on page, major traffic sources among other data points to better understand page visitors. This information can be used to develop buyer personas and further refine messages for an ideal audience.

Special attention should also be paid to individual landing pages to increase conversion rates. Insights derived from the landing page data – including leads captured and conversion rates – can be used to make a change to paid ads and their landing pages.

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