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Pew Research Center surveyed 10,100 US adults and found that 61% of them follow local and national sources equally for coronavirus-related news.

71% of respondents reported taking “breaks” from COVID-19-related news, and 43% feel emotionally worse from coronavirus news. However, 87% of Americans indicate following coronavirus-related news “very” or at least “fairly” closely.

Further, 50% of participants find it difficult to determine what’s true or false news regarding the pandemic. 64% of those polled admit seeing at least some COVID-19-related news or information that appeared to be fake.

National news outlets were major news sources for 56% of respondents. 51% of Americans turn to public health organisations, and 36% follow state and local elected officials as news sources. Only 31% follow President Trump and the White House coronavirus task force for pandemic-related news.

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