To enhance website engagement and drive conversions, leverage remarketing techniques

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May 07, 2020, 9:02 AM UTC

Adding opt-in forms helps marketers generate leads and create upsell opportunities for prospects.

This article suggests ways in which brands can improve their website engagement and sales while building customer loyalty. Creating a remarketing strategy via Google can help brands reach out to people with abandoned carts or to potential leads who didn’t convert and existing customers.

Develop a digital pathway of the consumers' decision-making process and serve appropriate content at the right time and stage to target them. Invest in video content to improve website searchability and average time spent on site. Communicating the value proposition with supportive copy and headlines is recommended.

A well-designed website with various options, design elements, and messaging helps guide consumers to conversion pathway. Brands can further improve conversions by creating landing pages directly addressing the target audiences and their consumer journey.

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