Brands should create a dedicated website or landing page to market their virtual events

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May 08, 2020, 12:00 PM GMT+0

Businesses should design their web presence based on their branding style and include key information like agenda and pricing.

This piece suggests marketers can create a landing page under their main website domain if their virtual event lies under the existing brand. But, in case of a separate event, brands should create a dedicated website for the events.

Marketers can then send “save the date” emails, mentioning events’ names, descriptions and call-to-actions that can lead people to their websites. Businesses can also schedule emails based on their announcements and include updated information like the events’ social accounts and hashtags.

Companies should continue promoting the event, even on the day its taking place, by posting on their official social media channels throughout the day. Marketers can include posts that their attendees have shared, using branded hashtags, in their own social media posts.

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