Creating social media guidelines can brands effectively overcome a social media crisis

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May 08, 2020, 1:17 AM UTC

Immediately pause any soon-to-publish posts during a social media crisis to avoid disregarding consumers’ sentiments.

This piece suggests strategies to alleviate the impact of a social media crisis and protect brand reputation. Craft a comprehensive set of social media policies that can be used while responding or getting ahead of a crisis and to improve customer relationships.

Building a social media response team with specific roles and responsibilities can further help brands set expectations and create responses ahead of a crisis. Identifying and communicating concise messages can help marketers effectively acknowledge the issue and demonstrate their core values.

Communicating with consumers by responding to tweets, drafting up press releases, or even putting out a video response allows brands to begin the “moving on” process. Having a strategic outreach plan, and response team is recommended to overcome a crisis.

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