Create linkable content, with as many editorial and natural links to improve website search ranking

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May 08, 2020, 7:38 AM GMT+0

Google analytics can help brands track engagement metrics and content performance.

This piece shares the Google ranking signals marketers can look out for to help their content rank better. Backlinks being one of Google’s powerful ranking signals, marketers must create linkable content with high-authority and natural links. Linkable content could be anything ranging from educational to innovative.

Creating long-form linkable content further helps in generating more backlinks and eventually enhance search ranking. With Google improving its relevancy signals with semantic mapping to contextually understand queries, brands must draft well researched and relevant content to improve search ranking.

Since Google also relies on exact keyword match to pull up the most relevant search results, keyword research and optimisation is recommended. Create genuinely useful content to improve onsite engagement and drive conversions.

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