Brands should create a code of conduct policy for their social media fan pages to avoid trolls

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May 11, 2020, 1:35 PM UTC

Include customer service contact information in the policies to inform fans about offline services.

This piece suggests ways that brands can consider adjusting their internal and external social media policies during the pandemic. Marketers should create a code of conduct policy for their fan pages, that gives them rights to delete illegal, defamatory, harassing or off-topic posts.

Brands should have specific rules about their social media posts, like image quality thresholds and client identification policy, to avoid confusion. Marketers should remain updated with current events to prevent social media posts from appearing insensitive during the crisis.

Businesses should also invest in social media monitoring platforms to get insights into conversations surrounding their brands. Monitoring platforms can also help marketers track brand sentiment and their share of voice during the crisis.

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