VR’s use in content marketing must be guided by human-based elements

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May 11, 2020, 1:49 AM GMT+0

A/B testing of content with and without VR can help marketers evaluate the audience’s responses towards a campaign.

This article suggests approaches to incorporate VR into a brand’s content marketing strategy. Develop VR experiences based on how people react to immersive stories to create effective VR content marketing campaigns.

Human-based elements like sensation, challenge, discovery, and narrative must be considered while creating VR experiences. Marketers must work with professional VR designers to ensure experiences are immersive and smooth and not uncomfortable or disorienting for users.

Picking content marketing stories that can be easily mapped to a physical location allows brands to create a quality ambience for a VR experience. Publishing VR campaigns online on platforms like Facebook 360, YouTube 360 or Snapchat helps improve reach and targeting.

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