Analysing contextual ads and their attributes can help brands create effective PPC campaigns

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May 12, 2020, 1:32 AM UTC

Google Analytics can help brands measure the performance of their PPC ads.

This article recommends approaches brands can take to decrease errors in their contextual ads to improve their PPC ad campaigns. Some common errors brands should avoid are contactless ads, ads without links, ads not optimised for Google display network, and more.

They must analyse their audiences' pain points, product qualities, and niche and competitor ads before launching PPC ads campaigns. Creating a checklist of steps including, separating B2B and B2C keywords, optimising ads according to devices, and using ad extensions like snippets and location is recommended.

Marketers must analyse indicators like click-through rate, conversion rate among others to gauge the performance of their ads. Craft ads with keywords in the title, display link, and description, and CTA to improve its effectiveness.

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