Brands must communicate stability to consumers amid COVID-19

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May 12, 2020, 2:04 AM UTC

25,000 customers from North America, Europe and Australia were surveyed by JoyCorps.

The report identifies four stages that consumers pass through during a pandemic, and steps brands can take to communicate with consumers in those stages. The phases include “Comfort” before the pandemic, and “Fear”, a two-plus-week phase marked with irrational concerns as people understand what’s happening.

The other two stages are “Learning and adjusting” and “Establishment” across which consumers adapt to a new lifestyle and reinforce new habits. Consumers may revert to previous stages if the pandemic impacts some areas more severely than others, the study suggests.

Communicate stability and familiarity by providing comfort with processes like delivery and subscriptions. As consumers settle in and adjust, brands are advised to be welcoming and relatable in their language. Create interactive and experiential ecosystems and encourage consumer expression.

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