Continuing to invest in advertising can help brands increase their share of voice in the market

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May 12, 2020, 2:08 PM UTC

Investing in advertising when CPM rates are lower can help marketers get higher returns in the long run.

This piece argues businesses should continue to invest in advertising campaigns during the crisis to increase their presence in the market. Brands that stop advertising now, might lose the effectiveness in their messaging once the situation normalises, that can potentially reduce long-term sales.

Marketers can pivot their messaging around the themes like reinforcing public health messages or providing frontline assistance among others. Changing messages in new ways, aligning with the current situation can help brands maintain awareness, easily navigate people to the new normal and retain customers.

Businesses should leverage analytics to regularly evaluate the campaigns with a continuously changing environment, to enhance ROI. But the appropriate analytics program should be adaptable and accountable for both marketing and non-marketing factors.

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