Brands are shifting to more measurable metrics like conversion in influencer marketing campaigns

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May 13, 2020, 5:43 PM UTC

A cited study found nano-influencer campaigns have seven-times higher engagement rate than mega-influencers.

This piece highlights important influencer marketing trends that businesses can leverage to promote their brands. Various incidents related to celebrities’ social media posts show brands can leverage micro-influencers over celebrity influencers for marketing their products effectively. Businesses are also shifting towards more measurable metrics like sales and ROI, instead of “likes”.

Short videos will continue to be the most preferred format by influencers to engage with their followers. Videos are also more likely to be discovered in user searches. For instance, videos appear four times larger than photos in the explore tab on Instagram, IGTV.

The article also states that with more disinformation spreading over social media, federal regulators are expected to bring stricter guidelines. Further, violating any rule can cause advertisers to face civil penalties.

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