Leveraging visual AI can help online stores enable relevant searches without using keywords

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May 13, 2020, 6:23 PM GMT+0

Visual AI technology can help marketers analyse and extract useful information from images.

This piece argues brands can leverage visual AI technology to increase traffic on their online stores and boost sales by enabling visual searches. Visual AI can allow prospects to find desired products through image searches without even using the appropriate keywords.

Visual AI can automate tagging by analysing the images and adding relevant tags, and decreasing the possibility of errors that comes with manual tagging. Marketers can use visual AI to analyse competitors’ visuals and accordingly plan their campaigns by creating better content.

Brands can use AI to identify the visuals that resonate the most with their target audience and send them through text-based marketing campaigns to push sales. Employing visual AI in operations can also help ecommerce stores make product recommendations based on buyers’ previous purchases as upsells or cross-sells.

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