Premium sites are seeing more lower-quality ads due to lower programmatic ad CPMs

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May 14, 2020, 1:04 PM UTC

These ads can be deceptive and offer money-back claims to steal personal data.

The combination of lockdown-induced web traffic spike and big advertisers pulling their campaigns has led overall programmatic ad CPMs to drop around 10% to 20%. With publishers unwilling to reduce their floor prices, small advertisers are getting “low-quality” ads onto premium sites.

This piece says that the “robust” fraud verification technology and "malvertising" specialists are failing to check low-quality ads. These specialists only check the JavaScript code of the ad for "malicious" redirects or see if the user is a bot, while not examining its creativity.

Fraud ads are using tactics like masked URLs, clickjacking and auto redirecting to fake domains, to avoid fraud detection. Chief revenue officer at Future Publishing, Zack Sullivan said these low-quality ads will “fade away across the market as CPMs rise”.

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