Revaluate spending strategy and repurpose old content to survive the pandemic

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May 19, 2020, 2:50 AM UTC

Marketers can leverage long-tail keywords with high search volume to optimise for voice search.

This article suggests that bolstering marketing efforts and bonding with consumers amid COVID-19 can help businesses survive the pandemic. The article advises adapting to customer’s lockdown behaviour by creating detailed personas. Keep inventories full and provide online services to consumers during the crisis.

Brands should revaluate their spending strategy, reduce spending on ads, repurpose old content, and offer promotions and discounts to increase revenue. Selling in international markets can further help businesses sell where the demand is high. Google Trends and Analytics can help identify such markets.

Create websites with intuitive designs, detailed descriptions, chat support and more to improve conversions. Brands must optimise meta tags, content, and build backlinks to boost search ranking. Creating compelling texts and visuals on social media to enhance CTRs.

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