Marketers should merge multiple content that target the same keyword to improve overall rankings

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May 21, 2020, 5:38 PM UTC

They should also optimise their overall page speed by updating old content.

This piece suggests brands should re-optimise their underperforming content by adding contextual details to their existing topics, to boost engagement. Google trends, algorithms and search intent evolve, with new rules and standards. To adapt to those changes and stay relevant to the readers, marketers should re-optimise their content at regular intervals.

Brands with multiple content pieces that target the same keywords can consolidate them into one comprehensive copy, to provide information at one place. Marketers can also redirect the low performing posts to the high-ranking content pieces to increase the overall search rankings.

Businesses can run a page speed test using Google PageSpeed Insights to find out how their page loads on desktop and mobile devices. The tool can also suggest ways to improve page speed and fix errors.

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