Marketers should create content that addresses unanswered consumer queries

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May 22, 2020, 6:01 PM UTC

54% of marketers said their top content marketing challenge is “creating content that generates quality leads,” according to a 2019 SEMrush survey.

This piece recommends marketers should draw up strategies that help them create content that the audience cannot ignore. At the same time, they should also optimise their distribution strategy to reach out to their consumers on channels they frequent.

In order to create appealing content brands should conduct detailed enquiries to identify questions that their target audience is looking for but are unable to find answers for. They should look beyond looking for keywords that have high search volumes.

Businesses should look for ways to extract “actual business results (ROI)” from the content they publish. While it can be direct or indirect sales, marketing should brain-storm ways to reach consumers effectively instead of indiscriminately spending money on social and content campaigns. 

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