Utilising trigger emails can help businesses retain customers

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May 26, 2020, 2:59 PM UTC

Trigger emails are emails that customers receive once they complete a specific action like ordering a branded product.

This piece suggests ways how marketers can set up their automated and personalised trigger emails to retain customers and attain long-term business growth. Businesses should first define their main triggers, like actions and events, related to the customer journey and then send them personalised emails containing relevant content.

Businesses can send cart abandonment emails to shoppers to gently remind them about the unpurchased product in their shopping carts. Cart abandonment emails can also contain additional product recommendations for the customer.

Companies can send transactional emails to the customers on every purchase, including details like electronic receipts and a thank you note. Marketers can also send pre-transactional emails to create transparency with their clients and boost customer retention.

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