B2C brands should explore taking the D2C approach to strengthen their relationship with customers

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May 28, 2020, 4:41 PM UTC

Marketers should explore if the direct-to-customer approach would work for them in the long-term, instead of making any sudden shifts during this crisis.

Business-to-Customer marketers should analyse if their business model, consumer needs and demand-supply chain are appropriate for a direct-to-customer approach, before making a switch. While the D2C business model may not be effective for all businesses, marketers can take inspiration from the direct-to-customer approach to update their existing processes for their customers.

D2C approach can enable brands to deliver supplies to consumers and fulfil their needs at the very least until delivery systems normalise. It can also offer brands an additional opportunity to connect with consumers and build a stronger relationship with them.

Even after the transition, businesses should stick to the methods that have been appreciated by their consumers. Marketers should not only serve the customers’ needs but also effectively communicate to them about the same.

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