Marketers should focus on the audience needs to create persuasive content 

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May 28, 2020, 5:54 PM UTC

Following the inverted pyramid method of writing, with the most important part at the top, can help writers hook readers. 

With the constant shortening of user attention span and easy availability of online content, brands need to create persuasive content to convert users. Marketers must understand the need of their audiences and identify the intent behind their searches to engage them with value-added content. 

Content writers should design their content to fulfil the reader’s need and help them achieve their goal. They can build the content that gradually guides the reader through the several stages of the marketing funnel. 

To convince their readers, businesses should ensure their content is original and relatable. Brands can achieve this by collaborating with subject-matter experts to create compelling as well as authoritative content. Marketers should also ensure that content is easily shareable across social media.

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