Marketers should think beyond the gender binary to appeal to new-age customers

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May 28, 2020, 5:32 PM GMT+0

Historically brands have often leaned on traditional gender roles to market products.

Brands should harness their data and analytics to serve the individual needs of their customers regardless of their gender identity. With nearly 60% of Gen Z believing that gender options should extend beyond “male” or “female”, it is clear that consumers are looking beyond the predefined concepts of gender. Marketers should embrace this change in their products, pricing, promotion and place of sale.

Forward-thinking brands are already revisiting their product portfolio to make offerings that resonate with consumers’ shifting expectations. While some brands are offering gender-neutral clothing options for children, others are sarcastically protesting against the “pink tax”.

Allowing undisclosed or unspecified gender options can help the brand demonstrate their recognition of different identities.  However, once companies make the relevant changes they should be always stand by their values.

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