Customised pop-ups can nudge customers along the marketing funnel

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May 29, 2020, 5:09 PM UTC

Irrelevant generic pop-ups that do not align with the user’s journey are unlikely to convert customers.  

Marketers need to start building customised pop-ups for each stage of the buyer’s journey to drive better conversions. First-time visitors, returning subscribers and returning customers should all have pop-ups that cater to that specific type of customer. 

Brands should leverage giveaways, lead magnets and discount pop-ups that for first-time visitors. Offering something valuable and relevant to your visitors, like store-credit or early-access to sales or even a free e-book can help capture user attention and bring them back to the site.

Pop-ups offering incentives like free shipping, discount codes can be used to convince first-time buyers to complete their abandoned-cart transactions. Using a FOMO-evoking copy and benefit-driven CTA can further help in successful conversions. 

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