Marketers should prepare themselves to answer consumer queries after businesses reopen

Tasim Zahid
June 01, 2020, 4:10 PM UTC

All communication channels should be put in service to inform the customers about the reopening and accompanying precautionary measures

With companies planning to reopen stores, marketers must conduct surveys to understand how their customers are feeling about the new normal. While allowing people to continue social distancing practices and continuing curbside pickup, marketers should make their customer-facing staff ready to field any potential questions that their customers might ask.

Businesses should also communicate their preparations towards making in-person experiences safe. They should update their websites and social media profiles with reopening dates, updated working hours and precautionary measures, to offer a clear and consistent customer experience.   

Along with maintaining a proactive communication strategy, marketers should express gratitude to consumers for supporting the brand during uncertainty. They should further collect customer feedback after reopening and make changes in the business accordingly.

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