Create consumer-relevant content during the pandemic to avoid tone-deaf marketing

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June 03, 2020, 3:41 PM UTC

A recent Edelman Trust barometer report found 71% of consumers would lose trust in organisations that place profits before people in a crisis.

While people are consuming more online content during the lockdown, businesses must reconsider their editorial structure to maintain brand relevance during these uncertain times. Brands should create content that not only addresses the consumers’ need of the moment but also is relevant to their employees and fits within their budget.

Marketers can generate content that aligns with their customers by inviting multiple teams and getting their inputs and during the design process. Businesses can also design useful content. like to-do lists, to help consumers cope up with the crisis.

Producing engaging videos can further help brands look genuine and more humane. But, they must understand that consumers now pay more attention to the message over videos production quality.

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