Interactive content should impart some value to the users engaging with the content

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June 03, 2020, 5:48 PM UTC

Users tend to ignore the content if they don’t find something useful while interacting with it.

Marketers are increasingly leveraging interactive content due to its ability to retain user attention and the tendency to go viral. While a mix of attractive visuals, digestible information, and eye-catching animation are essential parts of an interactive strategy, this piece suggests ways to optimise this content category.

Brands should know the purpose behind their interactive content to create a satisfactory engagement experience for the users. Marketers should ensure their interactive content provides either entertainment or knowledge to the users in return for their engagement.

Businesses that are creating interactive content for specific niches should gather information from their target audiences to make their content appealing. They can conduct polls or surveys to collect useful and relevant insights from their target audiences.

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