Offer exceptional customer support to enhance customer experience and boost online sales

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June 03, 2020, 8:08 AM UTC

Consider factors like budget, target audiences, products/services, and workforce to create marketing strategies for online businesses.

This piece suggests marketing strategies brands can use to enhance online business and achieve sales and revenue targets. Produce and distribute demo videos through websites, email, and social media channels to attract the audience’s attention.

Implement chat-bots to make product recommendations, segment audiences, and collect consumer data to improve customer support and conversions. Segment email lists according to purchasing behaviour and journey to effectively target and engage consumers with attractive offers and compelling messages.

Develop a blogging strategy with educational and entertaining content to provide value to the reader’s experience while engaging and nurturing potential consumers. Creating round-up-posts with an introduction, link to resources, and images is recommended to build awareness. Product recommendations like “what customers ultimately buy” can further drive sales.

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