Brands must develop a recovery-planning framework as COVID-19 restrictions lift

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June 04, 2020, 1:52 AM UTC

To plan for geographical recovery, focus on economic signals like purchasing behaviour.

This article states that businesses should develop a flexible recovery-planning framework and new marketing strategies to respond to the evolving market conditions. The ability of brands to maintain norms like social distancing could determine which businesses reopen and how quickly consumers return.

Smaller venue restaurants and retail stores could face fewer challenges than crowded commercial venues. With the pandemic creating new attitudes among consumers, brands must consider factors like age, demographics, and financial impact to develop effective marketing strategies.

Marketers should base their geographical recovery strategy on data-driven insights like commercial visitation or increase or decrease in purchases. Signals like the number of people staying at home can help brands figure consumer’s mind-sets. Track metrics like customer acquisition and return of consumers to measure the recovery plan.

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