Personalising emails with automated marketing tools can help brands increase conversion rates

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June 04, 2020, 1:05 PM UTC

Offering website visitors value-added resources can further enhance lead generation.

This piece suggests numerous ways automated marketing tools can help improve sales and marketing efforts. Automation tools can provide valuable customer data, which helps marketers create content that increases the chances of conversion rates and improves ROI.

These tools can help break down departmental siloes between sales and marketing teams and reduce the chances of human error. Automating marketing processes can help teams seamlessly deliver repetitive tasks, which are necessary for generating leads. Marketers can also offer value-added resources to their prospects in exchange for their contact details.

Automated tools can further help companies identify the leads that have engaged with the company. Marketers can then send them tailored follow up messages to improve chances of conversion. But, each email should provide additional value and a clear call to action.

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