Small businesses should leverage social media to establish their brands within their niche

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June 04, 2020, 3:55 PM UTC

They can highlight the brands’ tone and beliefs on social media channels.

This piece suggests useful social media marketing strategies for small businesses to compete with more prominent companies that have bigger advertising budgets. Marketers should use social media to not only drive sales but also build up their brand name. These brands should be consistent across all social channels so that customers easily recognise them.

Building an inclusive or exclusive online community on social platforms can help small businesses retain customers, build loyalty and increase word-of-mouth. Marketers should also provide opportunities for their consumers to engage with themselves and the brand by providing virtual rooms.  

Small businesses can collaborate with micro-influencers within their niche to further build up their audiences. Micro-influencers themselves are small brands, and it can be beneficial to explore cross-brand marketing with them.

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