Ecommerce sites must incorporate technologies like AI to enhance customer satisfaction

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June 05, 2020, 2:17 AM UTC

Implement a cloud-based enterprise resource planning system to access data instantly and improve delivery speeds.

This article states online retail stores must integrate technologies like AI, chatbots, voice assistance, and more to drive growth and satisfy consumers. Employing AI and machine learning allows brands to glean insights into consumer behaviour, create personalised campaigns and offer relevant information.

Marketers can also automate campaigns and create engaging ads and content to target prospects with AI. Ecommerce stores should leverage chatbots to assist consumers, provide a variety of services and solutions like 24/7 support. Bots can also track shipping information for consumers.

The author contends brands must adopt voice commerce as it enables consumers to use voice commands to find and purchase products online. Voice assistants can help brands compile shopping lists, learn preferences, and assist visually impaired consumers to shop online.

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