87% of US consumers are now shopping online amid the pandemic

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June 08, 2020, 8:25 AM GMT+0

Ecommerce shipments of food and beverages increased 151% since the pandemic began, as per Ware2Go’s findings.

With 55% of US consumers having purchased items online from new websites or retailers, 87% of the Americans now shop online due to COVID-19. 64% of consumers said they are replacing their weekly shopping trips with online orders, as per the report.

Of those polled, 61% tried new grocery brands and 34% reported trying new vitamin and supplement brands. 28% respondents tried new pet supply brands. Purchases of pens, pencils, papers, and notebooks have also risen, as 67% of consumers are working from home, and children are being home-schooled (51%).

77% of consumers bought food items online, as the most popular quarantine activity was cooking. Exercising was the top priority for 42% of participants and the most popular pastime for Gen Z (52%).

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