Brands should carefully consider the format of their virtual events before hosting digital sessions

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June 08, 2020, 4:59 PM GMT+0

They should also carefully select other details like streaming platforms for their events.

This piece suggests factors that businesses should consider while transitioning from in-person to virtual events. Brands should first decide the format of their virtual events in which they want to telecast them, like broadcast or traditional conference-style, among others.

While conducting virtual events does not require massive expenditure, brands can make small investments like arranging professional studios, cameras and backdrops to improve the quality of their events. Brands should host post-session Q/As or organise closed virtual private meetings and roundtables to increase engagement on digital events.

Offering certification to all the event attendees or running giveaways on their social platforms can help drive registrations. Brands can also send social media kits to external speakers to encourage them to promote the sessions.

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