Data-driven storytelling can help brands gain more traction as opposed to surveys

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June 08, 2020, 3:09 PM UTC

It can also give them a competitive edge, as more people prefer consuming data-driven content.

This piece argues brands should leverage their existing data, instead of relying on surveys, to create relevant stories for their audiences. While brands should not completely ignore surveys, telling stories based on existing data can help them earn more attention as compared to traditional brand awareness coverage. 

Businesses can use data visualisation tools like Infogram to create engaging and interactive storytelling experience for their audiences. Brands can also share their data with others and allow them to use it for telling their own stories, to gain more traction. 

Leveraging third-party data can further help marketers create their own branded content. But, they should be careful that any fresh content created from sourced data should still feel on-brand.

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