Experiential retailers must create fast, efficient and safe in-store experiences as they reopen

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June 08, 2020, 1:16 AM UTC

Services will be adapted to digital to keep the retail experience contactless.

This article states that as stores reopen, the in-store experiences must be made as efficient and safe as possible. Retailers considering reopening must ensure social distancing and implement appropriate safety measures like limited entry and one-way systems.

While this may limit the impact of immersive experiences, large spaces focused on digital technology would be better prepared for social distancing. Experiential events are likely to remain contactless or digital, especially for brands in the beauty industry. Brands like Glossier are conducting virtual beauty consultations.

Other experiential experiences like virtual events and small outdoor events could be adapted to replicate the social and interactive side of experiential retail. Retailers could prioritise the functional elements of shopping for now while trying to recreate experiential experiences.

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