Brands should map the customer-buying cycle to enhance their revenue marketing efforts

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June 09, 2020, 9:08 AM UTC

Revenue marketing is a holistic sales and marketing approach that can help organisations drive predictable revenue growth.

This piece suggests revenue marketing strategies for businesses to push sales. Companies should first map customers’ buying cycle by identifying their needs. They can use Jobs to be Done” (JTBD) framework to identify and focus on the most critical need of their buyers.

Businesses should then align their marketing and sales efforts and figure out how the two teams can help each other keep their key performance indicator (KPIs). Brands should further ensure marketing and sales teams agree on the same customer personas to provide a singular buying experience.

Organisations should also use insights from sales teams and customers to create effective marketing campaigns. Brands should further connect sales and marketing data and analyse those metrics to find out areas of improvement.

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