Marketers should analyse consumer sentiment before resuming their ad spend

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June 09, 2020, 3:51 PM UTC

A cited report revealed a quarter of Americans do not plan to dine at restaurants until 2021 or later.

While governments are lifting lockdowns to boost the economy, businesses must analyse consumer sentiments before planning to resume their ad spends. Brands should find out whether consumers are willing to purchase a product or service in the new normal, even if the service opens up with precautionary measures in place.

Marketers should also keep in mind that consumer behaviour would not align with pre-existing notions about demographics. Companies should regularly monitor their ad expenditure and spend accordingly for a better ROI.

Marketers can spend 20% of what they planned to spend before COVID-19 and then measure weekly performance for direct response and monthly performance for awareness. The author contends businesses must be cautious about their consumers’ state of mind and build their messaging accordingly.

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