Marketers should create a user-friendly platform for online panels that are interactive

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June 09, 2020, 5:53 PM GMT+0

Ignoring incoming questions can dampen audience enthusiasm for the event.

While the lockdown has pushed all events to go online, marketers should make sure the panellists are equipped with the right tools to ensure the event is as seamless as possible. Providing a set of instructions, like turning mic off when not in use and doing a video and sound check in advance, can help create better online events.

Event hosts should do proper introductions, manage speakers’, and distribute time between speeches, debates and audience participation. The author suggests marketers should think from their viewers’ point-of-view to create appropriate content. They should build a robust and stable platform that enables interactivity and has a friendly UX.

Creating user-friendly surveys, chat, or Q&A sessions can help marketers spot their audiences’ interest. It can then be used to develop further engaging online events.

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