Businesses should demonstrate their core values to win consumers’ trust during COVID-19

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June 10, 2020, 4:20 PM UTC

Giving back to the community and sharing thoughtful stories can help companies build goodwill among existing and future partners.

Marketers should identify their businesses’ core values and demonstrate them in their COVID-19 strategies to build consumer confidence in the brand. For example, Glad Company defined responsible waste management as one of its fundamental values. The company created a fund to support the sanitation workers who are putting themselves at high risk during the pandemic.

Businesses should find ways to give back to the community in this crisis. They can donate money to support a good cause, offer free products and services to help the needy. They can also encourage employees to volunteer in coronavirus-related social activities.

Organisations can also share how they have helped their community and employees to cope with the pandemic. Telling such stories can help demonstrate thoughtfulness and leadership.

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