Companies look towards visual engagement technologies to execute CX priorities

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June 10, 2020, 9:37 AM UTC

LogMeIn’s recent global customer experience (CX) study found that companies are struggling to create a seamless and secure CX.

Of polled, 89% are likely to invest or increase investments in visual engagement technologies in the next 12 months, to accomplishing CX priorities, as per the report. Building customer trust (67%) and effortless experience (62%) are top CX priorities.

Creating a secure environment for customers (48%) and making customers feel safe with representatives (44%) are some of the challenges CX pros face. Most companies’ current visual engagement tools require consumers to download a software or an app (70%) or do not support mobile apps (62%).

35% of CX pros say allowing consumers to initiate visual engagements within a mobile app would be ideal, 31% agreed on creating secure customer experiences. Companies employing visual tech hope to improve customer satisfaction and increase trust.

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