Marketers should instantly capture every content idea to improve content marketing efforts

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June 10, 2020, 5:44 PM UTC

Brainstorming content ideas in batches can help create a content bank that marketers can use when needed.

This piece recommends content marketers should capture content ideas as soon as they come across them. Marketers should write down ideas when they find something interesting, even while talking to co-workers, customers or gathering regular customer feedback and insights. Content creators can refer to those ideas during their brainstorming session.

Marketers should have all research material handy before they start writing to avoid distractions while creating content. Marketers can also spread out their writing schedule into short sessions with built-in breaks, as creating long-form content at a stretch can be a tedious process.

Businesses should plan their entire content marketing process, from ideation to repurposing, in advance. Marketers should also maintain a buffer before they repurpose or optimise any published content.

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