Analysis of on-site and off-site metrics can help brands measure content marketing ROI

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June 11, 2020, 8:24 AM UTC

Create a log of speaking engagements and awards to measure the ROI of content focused on thought leadership.

This article suggests tracking techniques to measure the return on content marketing efforts. To measure SEO performance for content marketing, track metrics like backlinks, organic search traffic, bounce rates, and more using tools like Google Analytics or Ahrefs.

Brands must analyse on-site and off-site content like guest-contributed articles to track potential leads. Create a lead scoring chart to determine leads most likely to convert and then calculate the average. Marketing automation tools can track qualified leads and conversions.

Measuring on-site metrics like CTA rates, while tracking off-site referral metrics can inform marketers of qualified leads. Analysing social shares, content syndications, and press opportunities can provide a good measure of expertise and thought leadership in the industry.

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