Marketers should understand the risks of SEO split-testing before execution

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June 11, 2020, 1:49 PM UTC

It can help them make informed decisions on when to conduct the split-test.

This piece argues while SEO split testing is important for improving search engine rankings, marketers should also consider the inherent risks it carries along, to avoid wastage of resources. As SEO split-test involves intense planning, set-up and execution, it requires significant development resources and possesses higher risks.

Businesses can leverage Meta title or Meta description SEO split-test to test out higher-volume keywords in their metadata. Large-scale websites can also leverage SEO split testing to prove concepts that have not yet gotten buy-ins and identify risk mitigation.

Brands can also benefit from SEO split-test if they intend to make significant changes in their product page templates to redesign site architecture. But, stakeholders should be kept in the loop about the expectations marketers have from the tests.

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