Research search volume to understand the size of online audiences for niche markets

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June 11, 2020, 8:46 AM UTC

Brands can leverage tools like BERT to understand the search intent for keyword and phrases.

Niche businesses looking to create an effective SEO strategy must research search volume to understand the size of their online audience, and to know the search terms they are using. Use Google Keyword Planner to source insights like the popularity of different words and phrases in search.

Researching specific keywords can help brands enhance their SEO, as specific keywords generally have less competition and are ranked higher. Since niche businesses may face less competition, analysing competitor’s SEO strategy and content can help brands dominate their keyword categories.

Creating high-quality content for audiences allows brands to rank higher on search results and attract niche audiences. However, hiring an SEO agency or an expert is recommended to execute niche content effectively.

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