Healthcare brands that published content around COVID-19 saw an uptick in shares

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June 12, 2020, 1:20 PM GMT+0

The pandemic has pushed health content to move from evergreen to more timely content.

This piece highlights content marketing trends that have been shaping the healthcare industry. The surge in coronavirus related content has been a boon for healthcare publishers. Brands like Cleveland Clinic that published timely content around COVID-19 pandemic and conveyed useful information on dealing with coronavirus got significant shares.

There has also been an increase in coronavirus-related graphics from healthcare companies as visualisation of complex data helps make the content more accessible. Graphics help break-down complex issues like COVID-19 easier-to-understand for the consumer.

Major healthcare companies, however, have failed to build trust, as they have not been publishing the amount of content that they need for broader reach. Of 72 healthcare companies that qualified for the Fortune 1000 list in 2020, 20.8% had no content presence on their websites.

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