Brands must capitalise on GDPR to foster consumer trust through their social campaigns

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June 15, 2020, 6:15 PM UTC

Only one-third of consumers feel confident about trusting the brands they purchase from.

Instead of seeing GDPR as a restriction, marketers should use it as a tool to strengthen consumer trust and confidence in the brand. They should highlight elements like privacy policies and social media security while encouraging customer interaction to boost trust-building activities.

Businesses should think beyond promoting their products and service and create content that educates or entertains their audience, like how-to articles and Q&As. Featuring employees and customers in branded content can help marketers humanise the brand. Businesses should also closely monitor customer response on social media.

Enabling a dual-authentication and third-party verification system can reassure customers about the company's data policies. However, businesses should be extra cautious about GDPR norms during remarketing campaigns on social media.

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