Brands must create relevant content rather than lengthy copies to improve search ranking

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June 15, 2020, 11:44 AM UTC

The length of a copy should be directly proportional to the subject matter.

This piece states while exhaustive content and deep research are important, it does not translate to optimised SEO or higher search ranking. Marketers must focus on providing quality and accurate information while fulfilling website visitors’ objectives, instead of creating long content pages.

Word count rarely matters as Google’s algorithms rank pages based on their ability to provide relevant and quality information. Creating a comprehensive copy with all the necessary information can help brands efficiently address visitor’s search queries.

Marketers must avoid creating copies with lengthy word count, as it could run the risk of diluting the content’s objective and affect its ability to rank for targeted keywords. The author contends brands must focus on purpose and create relevant content to achieve SEO goals like conversions.

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