Brands must adapt to evolving media consumption behaviour to capture market share amid COVID-19

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June 26, 2020, 9:30 AM GMT+0

Marketers must find their content niche and support appropriate pandemic-adjacent topics.

This article states with COVID-19 disrupting consumer behavioural patterns, brands must adapt quickly to evolving media consumption. As new behaviours emerge, advertisers must analyse first-party data and measure consumer shifts to build new audience models, based on demographics and geographic information.

Evaluating and restructuring national campaigns as per regional needs can help brands with more nuanced targeting, budgeting, and messaging. Brands must actively monitor changes in consumer sentiments or engagement patterns and quickly shift targets, budgets, and messaging to stay in sync.

Creating relevant and customised contextual content strategies and aligning measurement across all screens can help advertisers maximise reach and frequency. The author contends brands must build innovative packaging solutions and develop bespoke media solutions across screens to target audiences strategically.

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