A customer insights strategy helps understand consumer behaviours better and enhance experiences

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June 30, 2020, 9:10 AM UTC

Insights on consumers can help course creators promote and price their courses.

This article states that having a customer insights strategy lets brands understand consumer behaviours and preferences while enhancing engagement using relevant and valuable content. Brands must analyse browsing history, conversions, demographics, and more to know who their consumers are, to create an effective customer insights strategy.

Such a customer insights strategy can inform the creation of relevant content, also improve consumer experiences, leading to increased brand awareness, loyalty, trust, and advocacy. Brands should leverage consumer insights to create memorable experiences and enhance their consumers' journey.

Customer insights can also help identify and refine core customer profiles and allow brands and course creators to improve their marketing and sales approach. Through data obtained from feedback/observations, marketers can enhance product features, services, and drive product development.

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