Social commerce can prove useful in linking brand and performance marketing

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July 15, 2020, 10:42 AM GMT+0

WARC’s 2020 Effective Social Strategy Report suggests creating relevant social strategies relevant to both audiences and platforms.

The report highlights the role social commerce can play in linking brand and performance marketing and in converting engagement into effectiveness. Crafting clearly articulated social strategies is a must for this for brands looking to collect data and target the right people with the right messages.

Social commerce is seeing a boost due to changing ecommerce strategies driven by lockdowns. Given this, 32% brands are planning to spend more in e-commerce. 62% of brands plan to decrease their investment in brand advertising in the coming months.

Executing relevant and authentic social strategies on the right platform can help brands reach the right audiences. Companies with limited budgets can learn from non-profit organisations how to develop successful social strategies and achieve reach.

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